Why I Switched Back to the iPhone

Why I Switched Back to the iPhone

Since the release of the Galaxy Note – I have been a staunch Android advocate. The fact that I was given better customization options, better access to hidden functions and the ability to proudly proclaim I was not an Apple lemming were just a few of the reasons I was pro-Android. In retrospect, the real and only reason I liked the Note was due to the large screen size. The iPhone 3 and 4 screen sizes were just too limiting. It was nearly impossible to get any real work accomplished and remote controlling a PC was just not realistic. Therefore I stayed with the Samsung line of Android phones with my most recent being the Galaxy S5. Then out came the iPhone 6 Plus and all bets were off.

Here are just a few of the reasons I gave up on Android and switched back to Apple:

  • Although Google was good about releasing updates to the Android OS – there was still that waiting period until the carrier adapted it and of course, loaded it with tons of bloatware that couldn’t be removed without rooting the phone.
  • The car –  I found I was having a lot of trouble using the phone over the hands-free and of course the Maxima I was driving had better native iPod support. I also really grew to love the Apple Radio which is not an option in Android. Of course, there is always Pandora but I really liked the music they were playing on Apple.
  • iTunes –  need I really say more? Now Samsung has Kies for backing up your Android phone, but I never had much success with it. Also, to get apps through the PC you had to use the Google Play store – which was a separate location. Also, iTunes just rocks.
  • Discussing apps – the apps. Granted, most companies have made great headway in porting their original made for iPhone apps to the Android market but there were many that were still unavailable, and let’s face it, the apps work so much better on the iPhone. Teamviewer on the iPhone is so much more responsive and crisp. Of course, now that I have more screen landscape to work on, it’s an all-around better experience.
  • iMessage – most of my contacts carry iPhones and iMessage is such a great messaging app. Reminds me of the BBM days.
  • Google Apps – I am a big Gmail user and also use Google calendars, contacts and Drive. They work seamlessly with the new iPhone iOS.
  • Battery Life – As of writing this my iPhone is still at 86% having been disconnected at 7:30 am – it is now 3:15 pm. My Samsung would’ve been down in the 40’s. Granted I am no longer wearing a Bluetooth watch which I am sure would help preserve battery life.
  • Hardware – I loved the phone on my friend’s iPhone and I use my phone for all my photos. I don’t really want to carry a separate camera around with me but value high-quality photos.
  • The Hype – when all you hear about are how wonderful the iPhone is – how could you not switch?

There are a few things I miss from the Samsung phone – one being the LED indicator on the front telling me I had a missed call or message. In hindsight – not having the notification is a blessing as I am not as glued to my phone as I was before. I do like Apple’s notification center better. Customization is obviously not as flexible but thinking back to my Android days, I tried everything to make the Galaxy look like an iPhone.

I do miss the ability to proudly announce to the world that I was an anarchist and refused to succumb to social pressures and carry an iLemming but I noticed Android fans were becoming as infused as Apple fans, so unless I was going to switch to Windows phone (which I have no intent on doing) I was damned if I did and didn’t.

All in all – a phone really is a minor part of one’s life or at least it should be, but I am very glad I made the switch back. The iPhone – I feel – is a superior product and “just works”.

Thank you to androidcommunity.com for creating the awesome graphic.