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You’ve been using Windows 7 for as long as you can remember; then you find out Windows 8.0 is released and then 8.1 and now Windows 10? It can’t be that hard to learn, can it?

Unfortunately companies like Microsoft and Apple seem to like to toy with our emotions by making tasks that used to be simple more confusing than learning to read sanskrit. Sometimes you just need someone with patience and knowledge to guide you.

Jeremy, a former educator and self taught IT engineer, has been helping students of all ages gain confidence in using some of today’s most complicated technology. Whether you are working on a new computer or Operating System, received a new mobile device from work or just can’t seem to grasp how to use your new smart TV – Jeremy of West to East Consulting, LLC has the perfect mix of experience and education to quickly get you back up to speed and using your technology like a pro.

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