Recent WordPress Projects


Fishhawk Martial Arts Academy
Location: Lithia, Florida
Business Type: Martial Arts Studio

Fishhawk Martial Arts Academy had been in business for 5 years when they contacted me. Their original website was very generic and limited as it was built using GoDaddy's Website Builder. They knew they needed something that was more up-to-date and appealing to new and existing clients. The new website was created using WordPress. I was given carte-blanche as to the overall site design - my first presentation was warmly received. I incorporated a news feed, a class calendar and testimonials - none of which existed prior. I was able to incorporate an older promotional video on the home page along with brief descriptions of their primary classes. Much of the content was provided by the academy but much had to be written by me after numerous interviews with the school owner and staff.

Brook Pressure Washing
Location: Tampa, Florida
Business Type: Residential / Commercial Pressure Washing Company

Brook Pressure Washing contacted me for help with their website that was currently hosted by Foursquare. They were unhappy with the limitations of Foursquare and were also looking for functionality that they couldn't produce on their own. I presented a plan to migrate the website to WordPress. A test site was configured, designed and developed with input from Brook Pressure Washing. Being they are a 5 star rated company on both Google and Facebook, I suggested highlighting these reviews on their site. I was able to import their reviews to the homepage where they are prominently displayed.  I also incorporated a brief promo video where a hero image would normally be. I am actively maintaining the site as well as assisting with any updates, postings and Google Analytics.

Classic Kitchen & Bath
Location: Roslyn, New York
Business Type: Luxury Home Design Center

Classic Kitchen &  Bath already understood the power of WordPress. Five years ago their web consultant fell ill and was no longer able to provide service. I  was contacted to provide support to multiple sites as well as promote their business on Social Media and Seach Engines through ongoing SEO and pay campaigns. I did a complete redesign of which improved the entire overall user experience (UX). I also incorporated WooCommerce to act as a product catalog as well lay the foundation for their future e-commerce store. As there were multiple websites promoting the same things, I convinced the Boico Design Group to consolidate their efforts into one site and one marketing campaign. I continue to assist with content creation including blog posts, project write-ups, Press Releases, SEO, and SEM. I also continue to monitor the site analytics and make suggestions and changes wherever and whenever necessary.


Corporate Video Concepts
Location: New York, NY
Business Type: Media Production Company

Corporate Video Concepts contacted me because their previous consulting company didn't complete their contracted WordPress implementation. I took their custom designed site and implemented it on their existing host. Because the initial project took so long, the site was already outdated and needed a facelift. Being CVC is a marketing and design company, they had a very specific design and user experience (UX) they wanted to implement. We took a concept designed in Photoshop and brought it to life on the web. I was able to migrate to the new design with zero downtime. I incorporated videos hosted on Vimeo so they would play directly on the site in a lightbox. I also provided some Apple OS and mobile phone (iOS) support.

Noorani Medical Center
Location: Valrico, Florida
Business Type: Family Practice

Noorani Medical Center was looking for a new web consulting company to assume the responsibility of their website. The site was already powered by WordPress but there were so many issues with function and design that we decided to do a full redesign. Sticking with WordPress, I designed a new site on one of my test servers and migrated without any downtime. I also implemented Google Analytics and addressed many SEO issues. Noorani Medical Center also hired me to manage and maintain their entire infrastructure as well as their digital marketing, site maintenance, and social media.

Pursuit Builders Inc.
Location: Phoenix, Arizona
Business Type: Hospitality Construction Company

Pursuit Builders had a website that was outdated and incomplete. The site was powered by GoDaddy's Website Builder and nobody had been maintaining it for years. I migrated their site to WordPress using a theme that was both modern and clean. I suggested we create project pages, team member pages as well as a contact form which were currently missing from the original website. I currently provide support on an as-needed basis.

Five Horsemen Construction
Location: Queens, New York
Business Type: Construction Company

When contacted by Five Horsemen Construction, they had zero web presence. They tried to put together a site using Squarespace but their time was better used running the business and getting new clients rather than working on a website. Being the canvas was blank, WordPress was the best option. We customized a free template to highlight current projects and company information. I am currently hosting and maintaining the site monthly as well as monitoring Google Analytics.

Lithia Springs Elementary School - PTA
Location: Valrico, Florida
Business Type: Elementary School PTA

The LSES PTA was already utilizing WordPress for their website but it was many versions behind and the theme was no longer supported. One of their people that had some experience had developed but it wasn't actively maintained. I researched other PTA websites and then designed a new layout using a free template and page builder that closely matched other schools. The site includes a calendar, news section, and weekly newsletters. I am currently managing and maintaining the site as well as offering suggestions for improvement.