EnviroTrac Ltd. Website Project

Business Location: Yaphank, NY
Business Type: Environmental Consulting

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EnviroTrac Ltd.
EnviroTrac Ltd., a reputable environmental consulting and management company, needed a digital facelift. We stepped in to provide a modern, sleek, optimized web experience catering to its diverse clientele. Here is an overview of our journey in revamping EnviroTrac Ltd.’s website.

Old Website Challenges

Outdated Website Builder

EnviroTrac’s original website was built on WordPress, but the builder used was outdated. This presented a clunky interface for users.

Our Approach

Transition to Divi Builder

To overcome the challenges of the old website, we shifted to Divi Builder, which is renowned for its flexibility and contemporary features.

Modern Design Philosophy

Our design team focused on a modern aesthetic. The generous use of white space aligns with current design trends and ensures the content and features are easily digestible.

AI-Enhanced Content

We utilized AI algorithms to enhance and refine the content. This included checking for grammatical errors, optimizing for SEO, and ensuring that the content meets the highest standards of clarity and conciseness.

Robust Features

Job Listings and Applications

One critical feature we integrated is a job listings page, which showcases EnviroTrac Ltd.’s career opportunities. Moreover, prospective employees can seamlessly apply via a job application form created using Gravity Forms.

Multiple Contact Forms

To facilitate smooth communication and cater to diverse queries, we integrated multiple contact forms, ensuring visitors could reach the relevant departments efficiently.

Interactive Maps

We implemented an interactive map to help clients and partners quickly locate EnviroTrac Ltd.’s offices and facilities.

Optimization and Technical SEO

Speed Optimization

Website speed is crucial for user experience and SEO rankings. We undertook rigorous testing and optimization techniques to ensure the website loads quickly across various devices and browsers.

Technical SEO Implementation

Ensuring that the website is discoverable by search engines is essential. We conducted a thorough audit and implemented technical SEO best practices to ensure the website adheres to modern search engine requirements.

EnviroTrac Ltd.’s new website reflects its commitment to excellence and provides a user-friendly and efficient platform for its clients and partners. With a fresh design, enhanced content, and many new features, the website is geared up to take EnviroTrac Ltd. to new heights.


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