When converting company names from North Shore Data to a more generic business name due to an eventual relocation, some thought had to be given into the new name. West to East Consulting seemed like a great choice, especially for people in the know. Right at the time of the forming of the new LLC, the new Top Level Domains (nTLD’s) were being released. No chance we were going to get a short enough .com to make it worthwhile, so we jumped at the chance to grab a .consulting domain. (For a list of the newest TLD’s see http://www.name.com/new-gtld).

Seemed like a great idea at the time. Nice short domain name, w2e fit the logo and .consulting is exactly what do. Now that we’ve switched to w2e.consulting email addresses, an unexpected problem has arisen. When filling in online forms that require an email address, many do not recognize name@w2e.consulting as a valid email address. These programs are coded to look for a .com, .net or any of the other TLD’s. We’ve therefore had to resort to keeping our old email addresses until the rest of the internet catches up.

So, to answer the question, should I get a nTLD? Sure, it will make branding of your business that much easier in the future, but don’t get rid of that old .com or .net email address. You will need it until the rest of the world fully adapts to the new domain structure.