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Viruses, Malware, Lost Data and Blue Screens of Death - OH MY!

Broken technology can wreak havoc on our lives.

These days technology touches every aspect of our day to day life. When that technology malfunctions it can be frustrating and in some case - debilitating. West to East Consulting can triage, identify and solve any technology problem. Whether you have a Mac, PC, iPhone or Android - if IT is broken - we'll fix IT or find you a replacement.

Downtime is anything but productive. Got a virus? No problem let's eradicate it... Hard drive crashed? It can be replaced... Wireless router not connecting? We'll figure out why. Don't have a backup solution? Contact us - we'll pair you with the best solution to protect your valuable data.

Not only do we strive to resolve your technology problem but we look to implement proactive solutions to prevent it from happening again. 

Get your tech fixed.

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