I WannaCry…

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every time one of these cryptoware, ransomware, the devil’s software – is released. This post is a little late because we spent the last few days taking proactive steps to prevent being another victim in the latest swatch of life ruining virus outbreaks. What did we do to protect ourselves? 1- First and foremost we […]

Ransomware on Your TV? Is Nothing Safe?

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Ransomware has been around since the late ’80s but appears to be more proliferate today – especially with the advent of the bitcoin. Having a currency that is completely untraceable makes it more appealing to hackers and cryptographers to create these harmful yet possibly profitable bits of software. Remember – malware doesn’t develop on it’s […]


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We had an issue last week with a client’s site being hosted on GoDaddy. The site was originally set-up by another consultant that used a less than desirable domain name. We chose to go with one that matched the name of the business as opposed to one that is supposedly keyword rich. It really wasn’t […]

Why Do I Need a Consultant to Maintain My Website?

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That’s a question I hear a lot from clients and associates lately; and it’s a valid one. I sat down with a client that wanted  a website for her new business. She was in a partnership with a friend and between them had limited funds allocated for web development and marketing, they were putting all their money into product. […]

Protect Your Business From the Web

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Yes you read that right. I don’t mean protect your business remotely – I mean protect your business from one of the greatest (if not THE greatest) information tools ever created. The www is abound with photos, videos, sound bytes, cats doing silly things to dogs, babies laughing uncontrollably and of course men seeking women for […]

To Google or Not To Google

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Although I recently switched back to the Apple iPhone from Android, I am still a big Google user. I use Drive for some storage (I say some because I only keep in there non-sensitive data that I need to share across some devices), Calendar is used for sharing dates and reminders with the wife, Contacts […]

Why I Switched Back to the iPhone

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Since the release of the Galaxy Note – I have been a staunch Android advocate. The fact that I was given better customization options, better access to hidden functions and the ability to proudly proclaim I was not an Apple lemming were just a few of the reasons I was pro-Android. In retrospect the real […]

To nTLD or not to nTLD – good question.

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When converting company names from North Shore Data to a more generic business name due to an eventual relocation, some thought had to be given into the new name. West to East Consulting seemed like a great choice, especially for people in the know. Right at the time of the forming of the new LLC, […]